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This website collects personal information of its users only to the extent that this is done by MediaWiki, and does not store information about its readers. For editors, various personal information is recorded and published. All information entered on this website should be considered permanent and public.

This website contains links to websites of third parties. These websites are solely the responsibility of their respective operators. In adding these external links, Schweizer Privacy Law has reviewed their content for any potential violations of the law. At the time the links were added, no violations were found. Schweizer Privacy Law, however, has no influence on the current and future design or content of these external sites. Adding external links does not imply in any way that Schweizer Privacy Law is claiming that their content as its own. This holds true also for any links and advertising material (text ads or banners) found on these external websites.

The information contained on this website is subject to Swiss copyright law. Any use, copying, reproduction or distribution of the contents of this website or any part thereof is prohibited without the consent of Schweizer Privacy Law.