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Dr. Simon Schlosser

Add additional cleaners for names in the matching appRELEASED
Auto reject change of legal address type
Auto reject removal of given legal formRELEASED
Auto reject removal of legal address
Automatic updates
Business partner name missingRELEASED
Business rules
Cadastro de Pessoa Fisica invalid (Brazil)DRAFT
Changelog report
Collaboration approach
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Roadmap itemTitleStatusTarget dateEpic
Roadmap item CDL-4641Provide LEI reference data by lookupRELEASED19 June 2017
Roadmap item CDL-4900Enable checksum validation of tax numbersRELEASED19 June 2017
Roadmap item CDL-5002Show links to business rule descriptions in the validation reportRELEASED19 June 2017
Roadmap item CDL-5059Identify blacklist matches and notify organizationsRELEASED18 September 2017
Roadmap item CDL-5181Provide the Belgium company register in the data lakeRELEASED25 September 2017
Roadmap item CDL-4642Enrich existing CDL records with new reference dataRELEASED29 September 2017
Roadmap item CDL-4969Conflate business partnersRELEASED29 September 2017
Roadmap item CDL-5435Implement the Numero SIREN database as a CDL robot memberRELEASED3 December 2017
Roadmap item CDLD-160Implement Swiss Zefix services as robot memberRELEASED8 December 2017
Roadmap item CDL-5175Enrich records in CDL database with UK Company numberRELEASED17 December 2017
Roadmap item CDL-5156Provide fix proposals for tax number data defectsRELEASED22 December 2017
Roadmap item CDL-5177Return lookup results from UK Companies House when not available in CDL databaseRELEASED22 December 2017
Roadmap item CDL-4875Enable check digit calculation for Chinese Business Registration NumberRELEASED12 January 2018
Roadmap item CDL-5690Enable check digit calculation for Spanish NIFRELEASED12 January 2018
Roadmap item CDL-5176Create regular updates from UK Companies HouseRELEASED14 January 2018
Roadmap item CDL-5560Provide real validation for identifier dataRELEASED14 January 2018
Roadmap item CDLD-757Inform organizations about blacklist cases for investigationRELEASED16 January 2018
Roadmap item CDL-5015Extend taxnumber checksum validationRELEASED30 January 2018
Add additional cleaners for names in the matching appCleaning country or locality information in namesRELEASED5 February 2018
Roadmap item CDL-5561Provide real validation and fix proposals for legal namesRELEASED11 February 2018
Enable data quality tasks for identifiersEnsure correctness of identifier dataRELEASED26 February 2018
Roadmap item CDLD-905Enable EU VAT number and legal address validation by German Federal Central Tax Office (BZSt)RELEASED1 March 2018
Display business rules changelogDisplay business rules changelogPLANNED4 March 2018
Display managed administrative areas in the metadata repositoryAdministrative area documentationPLANNED5 March 2018
Revise the management of multiple addressesRevise the management of multiple addressesPLANNED19 March 2018
Roadmap item CDLD-237Implement Washingtom company register (United States) as robot memberRELEASED19 March 2018
Provide unified identifier validation interfaceEnable validation of identifier data via a standard interfacePLANNED15 May 2018
Roadmap item CDL-5154Cloud data quality dashboardPLANNED15 May 2018
Enable user authentication on app levelRevise user authenticationPLANNED31 May 2018
Provide batch identifier data validationEnable batch validation of identifier dataPLANNED31 May 2018
Roadmap item CDL-4305Provide EIN validationPLANNED17 June 2018
Manage business partner classification based on NACEBusiness partner classificationPLANNED25 June 2018
Roadmap item CDL-5180Implement the Russian SME register as a CDL robot memberPLANNED25 June 2018
Enable qualification of German VAT numbers against an official sourceEnable qualification of German VAT numbers against an official sourcePLANNED30 June 2018