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Name of a concept, e.g. a country. In contrast to a label, the name does not depend on a given context, e.g. a country-specific language.
Informal and comprehensive human-readable definition of a concept.
Zefix is an online service of the Swiss Confederation that offers commercial register information (particularly names). Zefix is complete in respect of business names of corporate bodies (corporations, corporations with unlimited partners, limited liability companies, cooperatives, non-profit associations and foundations) and public-law corporations registered in the Commercial Register. Activ general or limited partnerships and sole proprietorships are all registered. Cancelled general or limited partnerships and sole proprietorships are all registred since January 1st 2000.
Country scope 
Defines a country a given concept is used in (or valid in, or relevant for etc.), i.e. the country-specific scope of a concept.
Specifies concepts which are used in a business rule. In terms of data quality management, these concepts are monitored by the given business rule.
Business partner name local, Locality, Post code, Thoroughfare, Company identification number (Switzerland)
Defines the reference data purpose of a Reference data source in terms of the use of reference data from this source.
data validation
URL that provides more information for a given concept.
Managed by 
Defines an individual or an organization which manages a specific concept, e.g. a reference data source.
Schweizerische Eidgenossenschaft
Raw data source(s)  Unknown
Deep URL 
URL that provides a deep link for a specific information, e.g. the URL with reference data for a specific business partner.
Base source 
reference data sources which are used for researching or gathering information which is aggregated to a managed data source with a specific purpose.
Implementation status 
States if a concept (e.g. a reference data source is implemented and used by CDL services for CDL operations. The following status levels are defined:
  • PLANNED: The concept is known but implementation has not yet started.
  • IN PROGRESS: Implementation is in progress.
  • ACTIVE: The concept is used for CDL operations, e.g. reference data from a particular reference data source is used for data validation.
  • DEACTIVATED: The concept is implmented but currently not actively used in CDL operations.
Activation date 
Date and time when a concept (e.g. a reference data source) is activated, i.e. when the implementation status changes to ACTIVE.
Licence under which the data is provisioned


Credibility not assessed
Coverage not assessed
Correctness not assessed
Overall not assessed