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Managed element
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Support contact 
A member of the CDL Team who is responsible for a specific element of the CDL infrastructure.
Martin Ofner

The CDL infrastructure comprises three main pillars:

  • CDL API to provide technical access to all CDL services,
  • CDL Apps to access these services by web applications, and
  • Wikis to provide metadata management services.

Beside conceptual and technical documentation provided by this repository, the CDL Team will be glad to provide individual support if you are facing any problems with the CDL infrastructure. Please use the CDL Help Desk for all support requests. However, in urgent cases, you can also reach the CDL Team by our Help Line (+49 7731 5051190) on regular business days between 9am and 5pm (CET).

CDL Help Desk

The CDL Help Desk is our main support channel. It is directly linked to our internal processes in order to assign the most appropriate experts for your issues or questions. We ensure to provide (at least) feedback to a ticket within one business day, for critical issues within one hour (on regular business days between 9am and 5pm CET).

API Support

App Support

Wiki Support

General Support

CDL Help Line

In urgent cases, you can reach the CDL Team on regular business days between 9am and 5pm (CET) at +49 7731 5051190.

Conceptual support

For conceptual questions regarding particular elements of the CDL infrastructure, you can get in touch with our experts directly: