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CDL software development roadmap

Display business rules changelogDisplay business rules changelogAny changes on business rules should be visibile in some kind of changelog report. It should consider: Bugfixes, new rules, changes on existing rules, updates on the documentation, updates on the criticality level.Data validationDelayed2018-04-102018-03-04
Display managed administrative areas in the metadata repositoryAdministrative area documentationWe manage administrative areas per country (e.g. Rhineland-Palatinate in Germany) together with alternative names and different language variants. This data is used for providing a standardized translation. Currently this data is not visibile to CDL members. We will provide all adminsitrative area information in the CDL metadata repository.Reference dataDelayed2018-05-152018-03-05
Revise the management of multiple addressesRevise the management of multiple addressesAccording to the CDL Steering Committee decision (February 2018) only the legal address will be reviewed in future. Additionally address context information is to be managed using a distinct address tag. Below the most relevant requirements resulting from the decision are documented:
  • A minimal valid business partner comprises business partner attributes (e.g. name, identifiers) and one legal address. A legal address can be given by a) an explicit flag (e.g. account group), b) company register lookup, or c) default if only one address is available.
  • If multiple addresses are given for the "same" (see below) business partner, the address that is found via a company register is taken as legal address, or the address that is explicitly marked as "legal address". Other address are "UNSPECIFIC" addresses.
  • Business partners are considered "equal" if the major name part (i.e. the name before and inclusive the legal form) is equal. Those business partners shall be conflated to one business partner with one legal address and further "UNSPECIFIC" addresses. HIGH
  • We shall keep information that further specifies a conflated business partner, e.g. the "Factory A" in "CDQ AG Factory A". If those business partners are conflated, the "Factory A" shall be stored in a new attribute "context" in the "address" entity. An address may have several contexts, i.e. the "context" attribute is a set of strings.
  • Some special contexts have to be handled separately, e.g. "care of" information shall be parsed and stored in a separate "care of" address attribute and "doing business as" information shall be parsed and stored as a trade name. And some contexts shall be removed, e.g. "z.H. Donald Duck".
  • If addresses of one business partner are (after address curation) completely equal, only one address shall be kept, the other(s) shall be deleted (not archived, deleted).
  • Address reviews shall only be triggered for legal addresses, not for any other addresses.
  • All reviews due to non-legal addresses can be deleted (no matter that we lose "staged" addresses).
  • For matching and lookup, all (not only the legal) addresses shall be considered.
  • Add identifiers for addresses to the data model to manage address identifiers, e.g. SIRET in FR or GLN from GS1. Same design as for the business partner identifier.
Provide unified identifier validation interfaceEnable validation of identifier data via a standard interfaceValidation of identifiers should be enabled via a unified interface. The interface enables to select which depth of validation should be applied (qualification, standard, quick). Regarding qualification different data sources should be selectable. For more information about the service see:identifier validation serviceData validationOn track2018-05-152018-05-15
Roadmap item CDL-5154Cloud data quality dashboardWithin the CDL data validation app there should be a data quality dashboard that can be customized according to the requirements of an user. It enables filtering validation results by countries, attributes and/or specific rules. Different visualization options are provided.Data validationOn track2018-05-152018-05-15
Enable user authentication on app levelRevise user authenticationOrganizational administrators should be enabled to define which user is allowed to use which app. Authorization shall be defined via the existing User Management App. The user management app is only accessible for defined admins per CDL member company. As of today user authorization is only available for the complete CDL web application including review management.CollaborationOn track2018-05-312018-05-31
Provide batch identifier data validationEnable batch validation of identifier dataIdentifier data validation should be enabled in a batch mode. This means that more than 1 business partners with identifiers can be validated via the standard identifier validation serviceData validationOn track2018-05-312018-05-31
Roadmap item CDL-4305Provide EIN validationAn Employer Identification Number (EIN) is used to identify a business entity in the US. The CDL API shall provide a service to validate such IDs. A REST service to validate EINs is provided by HIPAASpace.Reference dataOn track2018-06-172018-06-17
Manage business partner classification based on NACEBusiness partner classificationThe Statistical Classification of Economic Activities in the European Community, commonly referred to as NACE (for the French term "nomenclature statistique des activités économiques dans la Communauté européenne"), is the industry standard classification system used in the European Union. The current version is revision 2 and was established by Regulation (EC) No 1893/2006.

We will include the possibility to classify business partners and organizational units in the CDL with respect to NACE and possible related classification taxonomies (e.g. NAF code in France). Wherever possible this information is gathered from external data sources such as the SIRENE database in France or the Belgium company register.

The data model will be extended to store at least the following Classification Codes:

  • NACE code
  • NAF code
CollaborationOn track2018-06-252018-06-25
Roadmap item CDL-5180Implement the Russian SME register as a CDL robot memberThere is a register of Russian company data. The whole database is available as open data ( This register should be treated as a CDL robot member like the Legal Entity Identifier and Numero SIREN data. This means the data is created in the CDL database and existing records are subject to updates by the Robot. Similarly to other robot integrations, there is a need for an initial matching against the database in order to enrich existing records and create the new records that are not yet available in the CDL.Reference dataOn track2018-06-252018-06-25
Enable qualification of German VAT numbers against an official sourceEnable qualification of German VAT numbers against an official sourceValidation of German VAT numbers should be enabled via an official trusted source such as the Austrian tax authorities. The identifier validation service should enable the selection of this qualification data source explicitly.Data validationOn track2018-06-302018-06-30
Roadmap item CDL-4384Use USPS services to curate US addressesUS Postal Services (USPS) provides a web service to validate US addresses [1]. This service shall be used as primary source for enriching and standardizing US addresses.Address curationOn track2018-06-302018-06-30

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Released features and improvements

Enable data quality tasks for identifiersEnsure correctness of identifier dataWe need to assure the correctness of identifiers (i.e. VAT numbers and other kind of national (tax) identifiers: see the CDL identifier type list) in the CDL database. When there is no update for a certain period of time for a record it likely happens that the identifier is outdated.
    1. Apply the identifier data validation to the whole CDL database every week once
    2. Create data quality tasks for wrong or missing identifiers.
    3. Highlight in the DQ tasks the rule that was violated and display the description of the rule
The data quality tasks are evenly distributed among the CDL member companies.
Roadmap item CDLD-237Implement Washingtom company register (United States) as robot memberWashingtom company register data is integrated in the CDL database. See hereReference data2018-03-15
Improve the measurement of address curation accuracyAdress curation accuracy indicatorThe currently available curation level is dependent on the differences and similarities found in an input address compared to the resulting address. It should consider an additional score to indicate in a more informed way how "sure" the CDL app is that a provided address is correct (really existing, representing the requested address, belonging to a given business partner, etc.).

We will implement an accuracy logic based on

  • address available in a reference data source
  • address known as a real address in any kind of source
  • number of results returned for a cleansing call
  • similarities as already available
CDL Apps2018-03-10
Roadmap item CDL-4678Enable fraud case attachmentsUsers shall be able to add documents (e.g. a fraudulent invoice, a fake email, etc.) to a fraud case in order to better explain the case. In addition, consent forms with the approval of a supplier to disclose certain information can be attached to a fraud case in this way. Multiple attachments shall be enabled per use case, and the user shall be able to decide about disclosure of particular attachments, i.e. disclose one attachment and hide another one.Fraud protection2018-02-26
Roadmap item CDL-5015Extend taxnumber checksum validationExtend the CDL checksum function library by providing checksum validation functions for tax numbers in Columbia, Russia, Mexico, and Chile.Data validation2018-02-26
Roadmap item CDL-5561Provide real validation and fix proposals for legal namesData validation2018-02-26
Add additional cleaners for names in the matching appCleaning country or locality information in namesA standard cleaner for our Matching App should be provided. It removes country names from a field (i.e. the name fields such as name local, name international). The country name should be considered in different language variants.

Exemplary company names with country names included are:

  • Insights Group Deutschland GmbH
  • Catalent Germany Schorndorf GmbH
  • Yokogawa China Co., Ltd.

Similarly a cleaner for locality information in the name is required. It should search for the given locality from the address in the name field.

Both cleaners will be standard for the overlap matching in case of lookups and imports against the CDL database. Additionally they can be used and configured in the matching app.
CDL Apps2018-02-12
Roadmap item CDL-4875Enable check digit calculation for Chinese Business Registration NumberEnable checking the Chinese Business Registration Number in Business Rules via simply calculating and comparing the given vs. the calculated check digit.Data validation2018-02-05
Roadmap item CDL-5690Enable check digit calculation for Spanish NIFImplement the check digit calculation of the Spanish NIF number according to this documentation: validation2018-02-05
Roadmap item CDL-5177Return lookup results from UK Companies House when not available in CDL databaseWhen a UK record is not found in the CDL database, then a lookup via the UK Companies House API is performed. The data is transformed into the CDL data model so that a user could directly subscribe to this record. The data is then stored in the CDL database. For any newly created UK record, a lookup should be performed to assign the UK Company number. This number is necessary to provide regular updates from this data source.Reference data2018-02-04
Roadmap item CDLD-757Inform organizations about blacklist cases for investigationCDL regularly consolidates sanction list information from different sources and matches the list against the business partner repository. If a match is found, the affected CDL members are notified about those cases for investigation.Reference data2018-01-29
Roadmap item CDLD-160Implement Swiss Zefix services as robot memberWe are currently using the Swiss Zefix service for validating the existence of a Swiss UID. The Zefix services should be implemented as a robot member similarly to UK companies house and ABN (Australian Business Register). This means:
  • Initial linkage of records in the CDL database (Add business register ID, add missing VAT numbers)
  • Create updates and match reviews
  • For newly created records include the lookup in Zefix for linking and curating the information
Reference data2018-01-16
Roadmap item CDL-5560Provide real validation for identifier dataBased on the data managed in the CDL, the data validation app could provide fix proposals for data defects. This should be implemented for tax numbers in a first step and should then possibly extended afterwards regarding address data etc.Data validation2018-01-14
Roadmap item CDL-5435Implement the Numero SIREN database as a CDL robot memberThe SIREN number is assigned to companies in France in order to make them uniquely identifiable. The whole database is available as open data ( The SIREN database should be treated as a CDL robot member like the Legal Entity Identifier. This means the data is created in the CDL database and existing records are subject to updates by the Robot. Similarly to LEI, there is a need for an initial matching against the database in order to enrich existing records with the SIREN number and create the new records that are not yet available in the CDL.Reference data2018-01-09
Roadmap item CDL-5175Enrich records in CDL database with UK Company numberUK Companies House provides a webservice API to retrieve information about companies registered in UK. All records in the CDL database should be enriched with the UK company number via a lookup of this API.Reference data2018-01-06
Roadmap item CDL-5156Provide fix proposals for tax number data defectsBased on the data managed in the CDL, the data validation app could provide fix proposals for data defects. This should be implemented for tax numbers in a first step and should then possibly extended afterwards regarding address data etc.Data validation2017-12-22
Roadmap item CDL-5196Provide fraud protection statistics.For fraud protection, statistics shall provide an overview about the current overall and the current "own" status. The following KPIs and charts shall be provided:
  • KPIs
    • Fraud Cases
      • Sub: Disclosed and Undisclosed
    • My Fraud Cases (only from the given organization)
      • Sub: Disclosed and Undisclosed
    • Whitelist Bank Accounts
      • Sub: 3 countries with most accounts
    • Whitelist Trust Scores
      • Sub: "3" xx.x K "2" xx.x K "1" xx.x K
    • My Whitelist Bank Accounts
      • Sub: 3 countries with most accounts
    • My Whitelist Trust Scores
      • Sub: "3" xx.x K "2" xx.x K "1" xx.x K
  • Charts:
    • Bank Accounts per Country
    • My Bank Accounts per Country
    • Trust Scores by Score (how many "1", "2", and "3")
    • My Trust Scores by Score
    • Trust Scores per Bank Account (overall, currently "Identical bank account occurrence" )
    • My Overlapping Bank Accounts (no overlap, 1 score from another organization, 2 scores, 3 scores, 4 scores, >4 scores)
  • Fraud protection2017-12-17
    Roadmap item CDL-4675Use name reference data to categorize individualsThe Corporate Data League has decided to exclude data about individuals (e.g. an individual doctor, lawyer, or craftsman) from cross-corporate data sharing. To enable CDL members to exclude those records from sharing and also to enable the CDL Team to identify those records in the CDL database, we need a services to categorize individuals records due to name attributes. For example, if a business partner name does not comprise a legal name, but a typical forename and surname for the given country, there is a high probability that this record represents not an organization but an individual. The categorization shall be integrated via data validation, i.e. if a record is validated (single record or batch), the category BUSINESS_PARTNER_CATEGORY_INDIVIDUAL is added to Business_partner/category/individuals. And those records shall e deleted from the CDL database if identified by regular data quality checks.Data validation2017-12-13
    Roadmap item CDL-5176Create regular updates from UK Companies HouseThe records in the CDL database that have a UK company number are regularly checked against the information the UK Companies House API provides. If there are changes available, then an update of the record is triggered.Reference data2017-11-01
    Roadmap item CDL-6023Handle default mappings for identifiersSAP identifiers are mapped to CDL identifiers according to mapping rules which consider the SAP column and the associated country. For example, identifier value of STCEG1 and country DE is mapped to the CDL identifier European_value_added_tax_identifier_(Germany) (EU_VAT_ID_DE) according to mapping rules, the identifier page provides an overview of all default mappings.Data model2017-10-24
    Roadmap item CDL-5181Provide the Belgium company register in the data lakeThe Belgium company register data is available as open data ( The data needs to be downloaded, transformed and exposed via the API.Reference data2017-10-17
    Roadmap item CDL-4642Enrich existing CDL records with new reference dataExisting business partner records in the CDL database are enriched with data available from LEI, e.g. the LEI identifier, business register information (i.e. UID for CH, Handelsregister ID for DE, also including registered name), and trading names. Moreover, the additionally available addresses are imported and the legal address is specified based on the registered address type in LEI. If it is the first update by LEI and a review task is triggered for a CDL Member, the Reviewer needs to be made aware that this is a "Match Review" (i.e. Label in the App). A "Match Review" can only be accepted or rejected. Edit is not allowed.Data validation2017-09-29
    Roadmap item CDL-4969Conflate business partnersBusiness partners that are currently in the CDL database having the exact same name AND the exact same country AND no disagreement in identifiers should be conflated into one single business partner. Disagreement in identifieres means: * Business partners may have different identifiers which should be merged * But if they have the same, the value must be exactly the same All addresses are assigned to this business partner. These records are not real duplicates as they are the input from CDL members that have maintained differing legal addresses. After conflation, the lookup shall find only one record, also if the record has multiple matching addresses. This Epic also comprises not only development work, but also running the conflation. *Open:* switch subscription from conflated business partners to remaining business partner *Open:* Priorizite last updated business partners (clarify with Kai), start matching with bp's orders by last update des Open: Ensure that updates which come for a conflated business partner are "redirected" to the remaining (not deactivated) business partner (done by Michal) Open: Ensure "redirect" for BP/Addr read service (conflated record to remaining record (not needed from my perspective) Before we close this Epic, create follow-ups: Eigener Epic: Provide a report to read conflation-ID-mappings (conflated records to remaining record) Eigener Epic: Revise TaskCurator and process conflated tasks (wish: close tasks)Collaborative processes2017-09-29
    Roadmap item CDL-5059Identify blacklist matches and notify organizationsPeriodically check CDL database against up-to-date blacklists and notify origanizations about matches.Blacklist matching2017-09-24
    Roadmap item CDL-4676Provide additional information by whitelist validationAt the moment, whitelist information provides an aggregated trust score and the five highest trust scores. Please add for each detail score the date of the last whitelist update by the particular organization. And please add the complete bank account data which is available (e.g. the national IDs might be interesting if the request was only performed via IBAN). And please inform about scores which are coming from the organization which requests the scores, to highlight them in the app.Fraud protection2017-07-17
    Roadmap item CDL-5163Provide filter for self reviewsSelf-Reviews are generated when large data set updates are imported by CDL members. Self-Reviews ensure that each CDL member checks his date before review tasks are generated for other CDL members. Currently, in the Review App can not be distinguished between Self-Reviews and real Collaborative-Reviews. A filter is added to allow the user distingusih between those two review types.Collaborative processes2017-07-06
    Roadmap item CDL-3164Revise edit forms in Review AppRevise edit forms in Review App to better support editing Premises, Identifiers, Postal Delivery Points and Administrative Areas.CDL Apps2017-06-19
    Roadmap item CDL-4532Provide app for address curationAddresses can only be curated via CDL API. This capability shall be also provided by CDL Apps, e.g. to curate a single address or an entire database.Address curation2017-06-19
    Roadmap item CDL-4641Provide LEI reference data by lookupLegal Entitiy Identifier (LEI) reference data is a reliable and up-to-date information source for company names, legal addresses and some hierarchy information. This data shall be accessible via lookup services, i.e. a user shall be able to find LEI records (beside regular CDL records) when he/she uses the CDL lookup service.Reference data2017-06-19
    Roadmap item CDL-4761Enable Google Maps view of curated addresses in the address curation appShow all curated records with pins on a Google Map or a Open Street Map view popup or separate tab. This should be triggered by clicking a button in the curation app, or in a separate tab.CDL Apps2017-06-19
    Roadmap item CDL-4900Enable checksum validation of tax numbersFor almost every VAT number there is a specific checksum algorithm. The algorithms need to be called from business rules in order to verify VAT numbers regarding formal correctness.Data validation2017-06-19
    Roadmap item CDL-5002Show links to business rule descriptions in the validation reportEach CDL business rule is described in the CDL metadata repository. The Excel-based validation report shows all violated rules. For each rule that is referenced there, a link to the corresponding rule description in the CDL metadata repository should be shown.Data validation2017-06-19
    Roadmap item CDL-3808Provide changelog report with provenance informationThe changelog report provides an overview of all records (i.e. business partner and address data) which have been updated since a given point in time. For each updated record, provenance information is provided to inform about the changes (e.g. address curation or manual review by CDL Member). Such provenance information can also be used for filtering.Collaborative processes2017-06-05
    Roadmap item CDL-4638Enable unsubscribe in Review AppA user may receive a review task for a business partner, wich is no longer in scope of her/his organization due to e.g. a carve out or just discontinuation of a business relation. In such a case, the reviewer must be able to unsubscribe from the related business partner or to trigger re-assignment of the task to a reviewer from another organization.CDL Apps2017-06-05
    Roadmap item CDL-4639Enable lookup by country name in Browosing AppTo lookup a business partner, it is required to know the ISO country code for the related country. This is inconvenient, the form shall provide auto-completion for country names as well. Only country names would be sufficient in select box.CDL Apps2017-06-05
    Roadmap item CDL-4533Enable whitelist validation in Fraud Protection AppThe Fraud Protection App shall provide a form to validate a bank account against the CDL Whitelist.Bank account whitelist2017-05-08

    External managed business partner data

    The timeline below displays external managed business partner data sources that are planned to be integrated.

    You need to have JavaScript enabled to view the interactive timeline. Further results for this query.
     Has plan dateHas URL
    Wyoming Business Entity Register15 December 2019
    Receita Federal (Brazil)3 May 2019
    Oregon Business Entity Register1 September 2019
    Norway Register of Business Enterprises19 April 2019
    New York Business Entity Register26 April 2019
    Kamer van Koophandel (Netherlands)15 October 2019
    Ireland Companies Register26 April 2019
    Iowa Business Entity Register15 May 2019
    Florida Business Entity Register4 May 2019
    Company register Alaska19 February 18 JL
    Colorado Business Entity Register24 May 2019
    CVR data7 May 18 JL
    Alaska Business Entity Register1 June 2019