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A member of the CDL Team who is responsible for a specific element of the CDL infrastructure.
Martin Ofner

The CDL Team provides new minor releases of the CDL software on a bi-weekly basis, i.e. every two weeks at Monday night at 11 pm (CET). New releases are published to the stable environment and the sandbox environment of the CDL infrastructure. Bug fix releases are provided in between as needed.

Release notes

CDL release notes are specific to each version of the CDL software.

ReleaseRelease dateRelease typeRelease notes
Address services release/January 202020 January 2020Regular
Address services release/October 201921 October 2019Regular
Release 1.83.09 November 2017Minor releaseSAP default mappings are provided when reading business partner
Increased performance of Review App
Updated rule in order to decrease number of created review tasks
Default tax ID mapping from SAP fields does not work
Street number is wrongly identified as house number
Wrong address curations for FR addresses
Wrong match is taken as legal form in business partner curator
Release 1.81.08 October 2017Minor releaseAdded confirmation status property in fraud cases
Provided the fraud protection statistics dashboard
A standardization rule for german business partners to remove tax identifier in case the VAT exists has been added and is applied during business partner curation.
A new standardization rule to cleanup business partner names by removing punctuation and spaces at the beginning and end of a name has been added to the business partner curation.
Now the CDL Admin is able to generate and to download validation report for specified country from the Reports View.
Provided status dashboard for Collaboration
The operative business rule "[Review major business partner name update|]" has been extended to check punctuation in business partner names.
The reevaluation of open review tasks regarding the consistency to our operative business rules on a regular basis has been extended by the execution of our latest standardization rule on the entity under review.
The extraction of name details from the local name is now a standardization rule and applied during business partner curation.
Standardization rule: Skip legal names after legal form and put remainder into name details
Standardization rule: Prefer European value added tax identifier in Germany
Standardization rule: Remove leading/trailing non-characters from legal names
Provide robust hash-function for arbitrary bank account data
Provided dashboard for Whitelist statistics
Conflated about 18'000 business partners
Inconsistent responses from Curate and MultiCurate web services
US mail station not handled correctly by address curation
Release 1.80.024 September 2017Minor releaseList of tasks can now be downloaded in Review App
The import for LEI records has been revised so that identifiers will have an issuing body and a second identifier ( will be imported from LEI.
Data model for identifier has been extended with the attribute issuing body ( to better reflect identifiers that are only unique in regard to the authority that issued it.
Improved fuzzy search in Browsing App
Faulty premises have been removed to improve reviews.
Improved performance of importing business partners
Errornous translation of localities with blanks (i.e. "St. Gallen")
External data sources are not displayed in Review App
Business Partner Repository is regulary checked against blacklists and CDL members are informed about matches
Revised pagination in all Apps to improve user experience
Not all fraud case types can be chosen in Fraud App
"Remove defective records" button is shown in Validation App on non-validated databases
Release 1.79.011 September 2017Minor releaseGolden Record creation is now configurable in Matching App
Integrated data source Sirene ( in the CDL data lake
Improved presentation of error messages in the CDL Apps
Ensure proper abbreviation of US streets in address curation
Added rules to improved the identification of premise numbers during data curation
Localities and shortnames are now properly normalized in address curation
Post codes with prefixes like DE-*, DE*, D-*, D* for Germany are now properly handled
Removed empty lines from Fraud App
Release 1.78.028 August 2017Minor releaseWhitelist Validation service is now also available as SOAP web service
Added external id as optional parameter for updating business partners
Legal form "GmbH & Co. KG" is now correctly abbreviated
The data validation contains now all identifiers contained in the records that have been validated and as well the usage of the default mapping for identifiers has been enabled again.
Improved premise parsing of building information
Release 1.77.014 August 2017Minor releaseProvided the Belgium company register in the data lake
Added fraud case approval status attribute in Fraud Protection App
Text is properly expanded in in the right panel of Fraud Protection App
Business partners now support multiple names (i.e. local, international, trading)
Release 1.77.114 August 2017Hotfix releaseError in Fraud App when creating new fraud cases
Release 1.76.411 August 2017Hotfix releaseRevised UpdatedBusinessPartner and UpdateAddress web services to not longer throw exceptions on validation and no-update issues
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Release types

The type of a release marks the impact or importance of the changes which are provided by the release.

  • Hotfix release: In case issues arise after the deployment of the stable environment it is possible to release a hotfix immediately. A hotfix release only contains the fixes to provide a solution for the detected issues.
  • Major release: A major release contains substantial API or domain model changes. It leads to an increment of the major version number. Mayor relases are provisoned in parallel in order to provide backward compatibility.
  • Minor release: To deliver features and bug fixes faster minor release are provided bi-weekly. The minor release does not contain substantial changes e.g. changes of the API or the domain model.

Cloud service environments

The CDL cloud service (i.e. the CDL API and the CDL Apps) are provided in several environments to ensure both stability for regular operations and flexibility for testing and development.

  • Sandbox environment: The sandbox environment is intended to test new features and service designs at an early stage. Neither the sandbox API nor the sandbox user interface (UI) is connected to the CDL database but just uses demo data.

Note that created data (i.e. Business Partner Creates or Updates) is purged daily.

However, for UI-based services such as Cleansing App or Matching App, the sandbox UI can be used also for production use.

  • Stable environment: The stable environment is intended for production use. All changes of the stable API are managed by a clearly defined release process. The stable environment is the only environment that is connected to the productive CDL database.