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Simon Schlosser

Metadata is foundational for the collaborative management of data. On these pages the metadata of the CDL community is maintained and extended based on semantic technology. In general, a knowledge graph is created that contains:

The approach employed by the CDL enables a common view across all members on business partner data. As it is impossible to identify, document and continuously update all metadata alone (particularly business rules and reference data), the community model of the CDL is to share these efforts. The CDL team serves as the broker that collects inputs from all members, consolidates the information and documents it on these pages.

As the approach is not only applicable to the CDL, the CDL team does also provide hosting and support of metadata repositories based on the technology of this wiki. There are several show cases including the implementation of the metadata repository at three large pharma companies.


If you want to contribute to the CDL metadata, this page offers some administrative functions to edit or add content. Please note that changes you are doing are not directly live. They need approval by a member of the CDL team.

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Manage external data sources

Create new or update existing external data sources (such as UPIK-Search or EU VAT validation service). Just start typing the data source name in the following field. Existing data sources will popup automatically.


Manage business rules

Create new or update existing business rules.