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Kai Hüner
The Data Validation Report provides the result of a data validation job, a CDQ Cloud Service to identify data defects in a set of business partner and address data according to CDQ business rules. A report comprises details on all data defects per record and charts to summarize overall results.

A report is provided as an Excel file with the following pages:

  • documentation: Link to this page, to provide up-to-date documentation to report users.
  • charts: Visual summaries of certain aspects of the data validation results. Particular charts are documented below.
  • validation results: Detailed results of the data validation with all data defects per record and highlighted defective fields.
  • validation (chart base): Data defect statistics per country, numerical basis of the Data Quality charts.
  • identifier validation: Details on defective identifiers per record. Identifier defects are classified to simplify analyses, see details below.
  • identifiers (chart base): Statistics on defective identifiers per country, numerical basis of the Invalid Identifier and Missing and Invalid Identifier charts.


The charts of the Data Validation Report summarize certain statistics of the data validation result, e.g. data defects per country and defective identifiers.

Data Quality, number of defective records

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Missing and Invalid Identifiers

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Identifier validation

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