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Kai Hüner

An important prerequisite for collaborative data management is a common understanding of the shared data. For the CDL, this common understanding is specified by the CDL data model. The concepts of this model are defined and documented in this wiki which can be used as a business vocabulary. Moreover, the wiki provides a machine-readable interface to reuse this metadata by using semantic annotations. Currently, the model comprises 28 concepts and 100 properties.

Conceptual overview

The following graphs are automatically created from the specification of the data model concepts and properties. You can click the nodes to get detailed information.

AddressBusiness partnerAddress/administrative areaBusiness partner/CDL IDBusiness partner/categoryBusiness partner/legal formBusiness partner/name internationalBusiness partner/name localBusiness partner/typeBusiness partner/classificationAddress/countryAddress/geographic coordinatesBusiness partner/identifierAddress/identifying nameAddress/localityBusiness partner/nameBusiness partner/phone numberAddress/post codeAddress/postal delivery pointAddress/premiseBusiness partner/statusAddress/thoroughfareThis is a graph with borders and nodes that may contain hyperlinks.
Bank accountFraud caseWhitelist recordBank account/country codeBank account/international bank identifierBank account/international identifierBank account/national bank identifierBank account/national identifierFraud case/CDL IDFraud case/alternative payeeFraud case/business partnerFraud case/confirmation stateFraud case/date of attackFraud case/descriptionFraud case/typeFraud case/fraudsterWhitelist record/trust scoreThis is a graph with borders and nodes that may contain hyperlinks.