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Web sessions to explain and train functionality of the CDL cloud.

Demo sessionDescriptionDateSpeaker
Address curation (demo session)Demonstrates address curation capabilities of the Address Curation App and the CDL API. The demo explains conceptual basics of the CDL address curation approach, details of address curation results, and how to bring data into the CDL cloud to enable address batch curation.8 August 2017Kaihuener
Collaborative data maintenance and reporting (demo session)Explains the collaboration process of data sharing and how it is oprerationalized in the Review App. Furthermore, reporting capabilities are presented in order to monitor progress and performance of the collaboration.20 June 2017Martinofner
Data validation (demo session)Demonstrates data validation capabilities of the Validation App. The focus is on giving an overview on the usage of the app and demonstrating how and which rules are managed.27 June 2017Simonschlosser
Duplicate matching (demo session)Demonstrates duplicate matching capabilities of the Matching App. The focus is on the conceptual process of duplicate matching, and on configuration options like cleaners and comparators.13 June 2017Kaihuener
Fraud protection (demo session)Explains and demonstrated fraud protection capabilities, i.e. the CDL Fraud Case Database and the CDL Whitelist.11 July 2017Kaihuener
Metadata and reference data management (demo session)Explains how metadata and reference data are managed in the Corporate Data League and how the approach could be applied in a company-individual setting.18 July 2017Simonschlosser