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Please note: This page documents the future service offering of the CDL. Not all services are available in this shape yet.

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A member of the CDL Team who is responsible for a specific element of the CDL infrastructure.

The CDL provides a wide variety of expert services for managing business partner data. Some, but not all of the data services are also available via the CDL web application.

Service packages

CDL data services are clustered in service packages. The following service packages are available:

Data service packageDescription
Address data servicesManage addresses of your business partners according to a cross-industry standard
Bank account management servicesIncrease trust and confidence in bank account information, identify errors and standardize/enrich bank account information
Business entity identification and profiling servicesGet to know information about your business partners by enriching it from a variety of data sources
Compliance and risk management servicesIncrease compliance and reduce business risks by checking business partners using CDL services, e.g. Know your business partner by ensuring that there are no sanctioned companies and identify natural persons.
Data quality servicesThe Corporate Data League offers a variety of data quality services in order to ensure high data quality. Data validation services for different business purposes are provided in this service package as well as a service for duplicate identification and resolution.

Available data services by service package

There are 12 CDL data services:

Data serviceDescriptionData service package
Business partner data validation serviceThe Business Partner Data Validation Service enables users to validate business partner data against the complete, or a customly narrowed set of CDL data quality rules. For a custom selection of data quality rules the service consumer can select data quality rule categories and make additional exclusions (e.g. not to use external data sources in order to increase performance). Data quality services
Duplicate identification and resolutionDuplicate matching compares all records of a given set of custom databases to each other, identifies similar records, and groups "best matches" in matching groups. The process to get a duplicate report comprises three steps: (1) select custom databases to be analyzed and a matching configuration to configure the matching algorithm, (2) start a matching job and wait for the result (i.e. record links with similarity score), and (3) generate a duplicate report with (optionally) cleansed golden records for each matching group. Data quality services
Identifier validation serviceThe CDL Identifier Validation Service enables the validation of different identifiers (i.e. Tax numbers, national identifiers and other third party identifiers) with respect to different data quality criteria Data quality services
GDPR screeningThis service enables the identification of records that represent natural persons according to a defined set of rules. Compliance and risk management services
Sanction list matchingThis service enables the identification of company records that are considered on official sanction lists issued by the authorities such as the FED or World Bank Compliance and risk management services
Business partner classificationEnriching industry classifications and categories Business entity identification and profiling services
Business partner identity resolutionThe business partner identity resolution enables enriching and standardizing a given company record with different pieces of information. For example the following enrichments are possible:
  • Identifying the address type and enriching the legal address
  • Cross-linking the company record with different authority and third party data sources by enriching company identifiers such as SIREN in France or European VAT numbers
  • Identifying and enriching the legal (registered) name
Business entity identification and profiling services
Business partner lookupSearch for available reference data records for a given company in a variety of data sources and the CDL database Business entity identification and profiling services
Business partner profilingExtended capabilities for retrieving information about business entities Business entity identification and profiling services
Bank account data validationin progress Bank account management services
Bank account whitelist Bank account management services
Address curationAddress curation covers standardization, enrichment, cleansing, translation, and geo-coding of addresses. This functionality is key to enable cross-corporate data management because it helps to deal with e.g. different languages, abbreviations, and writing rules of addresses. Address data services

Accessibility options to different services

 Batch modeSingle modeCDL AppCDL APISAP marketplace
Address curationtruetruetruetruefalse
Bank account data validationtruetruetruetruefalse
Bank account whitelistfalsetruetruetrueplanned
Business partner classificationplannedplannedplannedplannedfalse
Business partner data validation servicetruetruetruetruefalse
Business partner identity resolutionplannedplannedplannedplannedfalse
Business partner lookuptruetruetruetruetrue
Business partner profilingplannedplannedplannedplannedfalse
Duplicate identification and resolutiontruetruetruetruefalse
GDPR screeningtruetruetrueplannedfalse
Identifier validation servicetruetruetruetrueplanned
Sanction list matchingplannedtruetruetruefalse