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Community agreement
Specifies a release status, e.g. of a business rule. The following status levels are defined in the Corporate Data League:
  • IDEA: Informal description of e.g. a business rule that is to be further detailed.
  • DRAFT: Completely defined concept (e.g. business rule) that is not yet released and still under construction.
  • UNDER REVIEW: Completely defined concept (e.g. business rule) which is "freezed" (i.e. not editable, only comments are allowed) and reviewed by a dedicated Business Rules Steward.
  • PLANNED: The concept (e.g. roadmap item) is scheduled to be released at a given date.
  • RELEASED: The concept (e.g. business rule or roadmap item) is used in stable CDL services and apps.
  • DEACTIVATED: The concept (e.g. business rule) is disabled but may be re-activated in the future.
  • ARCHIVED: The concept (e.g. business rule) is disabled because it is no longer relevant from a business perspective. It is only kept for history purposes.
A member of the CDL team who approves the formal quality (i.e. not the content) of concepts (e.g. business rules or a procedures) to be released. For example, they check for broken links, content structuring, readability, examples and comprehensiveness, while Stewards are responsible for content quality.
Cdl steering committee
Release date 
Date and time when a concept (e.g. a business rule or a procedure) is released, i.e. when the status changes to RELEASED.
March 16, 2018
Next approval 
Date of next approval of e.g. a managed element or a community agreement.
February 8, 2019
A Steward takes care of a particular concept, e.g. a business rule. Stewards are responsible for the content, which does not imply that the assigned Steward is solely responsible for providing feedback or editing the content.
Kai Hüner
Review started date 
Date and time when a review of e.g. a managed element or a comunity agreement started.
not under review

The Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Agreement of the Corporate Data League (CDL) specifies IPRs of the following parties on information (i.e. data, metadata, algorithms) which is collaboratively created by the CDL and published by the Provider on this website.

  • Provider: CDQ AG, incorporated and registered in St. Gallen, Switzerland
  • CDL Member: A company which is a member of the CDL based on a bilateral membership contract with the Provider

If not further specified, the Provider holds all IPR on information which is created by the CDL and published by the Provider on this wiki website.

The agreement distinguishes the following IPRs:

  • Right to use: Right to use and share information, except for commercial purpose.
  • Right of direct exploitation: Right to share information as a commercial product or service, e.g. to sell a copy of all legal forms which are managed by the CDL.
  • Right of indirect exploitation: Right to use information to create a commercial product or service, e.g. to use the legal forms which are managed by the CDL to improve the performance of a commercial software service for data analysis.

IPR on methods and algorithms for data processing

The CDL is a community to share data and metadata, but also to share experiences and best practices which might be the basis for developing new methods or software algorithms for data processing. If the Provider or a CDL Member shares such information, this information may be used and exploited by the other parties without any limitation. Separate agreements or contracts (e.g. a non-disclosure agreement between the Provider and a CDL Member) may overrule these rights.

IPR on collaboratively managed metadata

The Provider documents metadata (e.g. legal forms) which is required for CDL operations on this website. This metadata is collaboratively managed by the CDL: CDL Members provide updates or additional information and the Provider formalizes and documents this information. While particular metadata (e.g. a list of valid legal forms for Switzerland) is public information and thereby nobody can claim IPRs on this information, the aggregated, formalized and structured collection of metadata provided by this website is an information asset owned by the CDL. The following listing specifies IPRs for this metadata:

  • Both the Provider and all CDL Members may use the metadata without any limitation.
  • Both the Provider and all CDL Members may exploit the metadata indirectly.
  • The Provider may exploit the metadata directly, but only in a well-defined context (e.g. a certain market place) which has to be explicitly released by the CDL Steering Committee. The Steering Committee also decides about the use of the revenues from such an exploitation.

IPR on shared business partner data

In CDL data sharing operations, the Provider receives business partner data (e.g. an updated address) from CDL Members and shares this data with other CDL Members anonymously. Anonymous sharing means in this context that the receiving CDL Member is not informed about the information source, i.e. the providing CDL Member. Additionally, the Provider gathers and processes external information and thereby provides updates without receiving information from a CDL Member.

Business partner data (e.g. an updated address) which is provided by the Provider to a CDL Member based on information provided by another CDL Member or based on external information may be used and indirectly exploited by the Provider and CDL Members without any limitation. Direct exploitation is prohibited for both the Provider and for CDL Members.

Furthermore, the Provider is not allowed to exploit (neither direct nor indirect) any information about relations between a CDL Member and shared business partner data (i.e. customer and/or supplier relations) or to share such information with third parties. For CDL Members, such relation information is not available per se.