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A member of the CDL Team who is responsible for a specific element of the CDL infrastructure.
Sebastian Kaczmarski

CDL blacklists comprise several public sanction and embargo lists which have been nominated by CDL Members. The most current versions of these lists are consolidated each week and build the data basis for blacklist matching services.

The following blacklists are checked on a weekly basis to provide a consolidated list of 28,682 blacklisted business partners.

Consolidated Screening ListUS Government Departments of Commerce, State, and Treasury11,548
Consolidated UN Security Council Sanctions ListUnited Nations Security Council Sanctions Committees3,282
European Union External Action Sanction ListEuropean Union External Action Sanction List6,293
Financial sanctions: consolidated list of targetsHer Majesty's Treasury5,390
SECO Sanctions ListState Secretariat for Economic Affairs1,006
World Bank Listing of Ineligible Firms & IndividualsThe World Bank1,163