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Martin Ofner

The app views provide functionality to cleanse, enrich, translate, and normalize addresses in a custom database.

The Address Curation App comprises the following 1 views:

Database ViewThe Database View is a view of the Address Curation App. Allows to use CDL address curation services for records of a custom database. If selected in the left-hand list, the address of a record is immediately curated and the result is shown in the right-hand view. The curation information" tab provides details on the curation result, i.e. comparison of input data and curation output on attribute level. The app also provides the "curate button (upper right) to start a job which processes all records in the background. For both, single record or batch mode, curation results are stored in the custom database. Based on this, a "curation report" can be generated which provides detailed comparison of input data and curation output.